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Industrial Juice Agents

The UK and Irish representatives of leading
world citrus and tropical fruit processors.


Fruit Tech Natural

Fruit Tech Natural is one of the largest and most technically advanced of the Spanish processors. Their speciality is the production of high quality, authentic NFC citrus juices using patented pasteurisation technology which delivers results comparable to freshly squeezed. They also produce comminutes, concentrates and cells from locally sourced orange, mandarin & lemon; purees from peach & apricot and high grade pomegranate juice.

FTN can also offer Vegetable Purees from a large portfolio.


Louis Dreyfus Citrus

Louis Dreyfus Citrus is the third largest global citrus processor with plants in Brazil and Florida which produce concentrates and NFC juices from all the major varieties of citrus fruit, as well as oils and citrus by-products.

LDC have a rapidly expanding Apple Juice business based primarily in China and Poland.


Gat Foods

Gat Foods is a vertically integrated juice and beverage producer from grove to retail product. Their industrial product range includes citrus concentrates, comminutes, NFC juices and compounds, plus a wide selection of tropical blends. Their food service operation covers the full spectrum of dispense systems and products.

Gat have developed innovative solutions for manufacturing breakfast cereals with no white sugar. Gat also offers Fruity Beer Mixes, which suit the most popular lager/pilsner, stout and ale beer types. Their portfolio includes Lemon, Red and White Grapefruit and Cherry Fruit mixes. Other varieties can be offered to meet customer’s specifications/recipes.